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Poultry & Fowlrss post

Roosters, Various Breeds, all free - ranged - Australorps, New Hampshires, Dominique, Cinnamon Queen, White Giant, Buff Orpingtons and Sex Links. Free - ranging and 22+ weeks. Price: $15. Call: 352-816-3046 or See More Details
Day Old Roosters (Cockerels) - Black Sex Link Roosters - day old - raise them up to be wonderful pets or yummy dinner! Sale - $0.75 a piece! Price: $1. Call: 407-489-7430 or See More Details

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Equipmentrss post

NEW Goat Milking Stand/ Stanchion with Head Gate - This is a carpenter built milking stand with two size head restraints, ideal for Milking Goats, trimming hooves, or shearing goats, or even sheep. has Price: $125. Call: 352-426-7136 or See More Details

Wantedrss post

We are offering a safe place for your pig. - We are looking for anyone trying to get rid of a REAL LIVE PIG, STATUES OR ANYTHING PIG RELATED. WE CAN PROVIDE IT WITH A GREAT HOME TO LIVE IN. Price: Free. Call: 863-949-4482 or See More Details

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